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How To Choose Eyeglasses

Shenzhen HONY Optical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 04, 2015

Everyone has a different criteria for selecting glasses, different occasions there may be for different types of glasses needed.

Glass production plant smart glasses are becoming more specialized and large-scale, price is becoming more and more close to the people. If you want to be wearing smart glasses, but felt funny Google smart glasses, may wish to consider launching eyeglass manufacturers such as Sony smart glasses, accessories. Installation accessories are the projected image in the mirror next to the glasses, so you can easily read information on your smart phone.

Like Sony's add-on to turn glasses into the smart glasses named "single lens display module." According to reports, weighs about 40 grams of added equipment by Cortex-A7 processor, electronic and accelerometer sensors, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity components and batteries. The most important accessory is the OLED microdisplays, through light unit 0.23 inch, resolution of 640 x 400 images projected on to a glass lens.

Do not need to install additional device-specific glasses for use on ordinary glasses, Sun glasses, goggles and other types of glass can be used. Through glasses wearer may display information on the screen smart phone. Connecting the device to the Smartphone camera, see viewing angle of the camera on the glasses.

Sony says brightness of the attachment entirely suitable for outdoor environments, were used by the wearer in a variety of different sports, such as cycling can be seen on the lens cycling miles; running speed of tennis, showed the ball hit the ball position; or playing golf, through the glasses to watch the remote display, observe the distance between golf and hole.

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