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Glasses-free 3D Future Development Direction

Shenzhen HONY Optical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 04, 2015

3D background

3D technology long has been, initially mainly used in professional high-end applications such as military, medical, vehicle simulation, too early to go back in time. But be sure 2009 World's lighting of the avatar 3D passion all over the world, with the development of technology and increased attention to the 3D technology, 3D technology from high-end fields toward professional AV applications and everyone reaches movie theaters and even families.

3D technology explained

The so-called 3D Dimension d is in English (degree, d) characters, 3D is the three dimensional or three dimensional space. Compared to ordinary 2D image, 3D stereo fidelity, make the audience feel immersive. 3D imaging is because the eyes of "Visual displacement". Human eyes apart at about 6 centimeters, this means that if you look at an object, two eyes is viewed from the left and right view, respectively. Will see the object on the left side of the left eye and right eye you will see the object on the right side. When the eye sees objects on the retina imaging, impressed both together, then you will have a solid feel, forming a picture with solid longitudinal deep in the brain, forming one's sight both eyes difference is required for 3D display technology and restore the key.

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