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Future Blue Glasses Factory Where?

Shenzhen HONY Optical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 04, 2015

With Internet of development, network shopping has became this times of leads, glasses manufacturers also points points put himself of tentacles began extends network market in the, network market has became glasses manufacturers are competition of to, network market gradually began from blue to Red Sea, market competition increasingly fierce, cost began gradually of rose, originally of Taobao market into today of eliminated market, high of advertising fee and the other cost, makes network market no longer became cheap, this no longer cheap of market, again plus network market of globalization competition , Makes many enterprise lost has himself original regional of advantage, while, network of times, makes of information degree increasingly transparent, on Enterprise for, increasingly adverse, led to interests space not only again compression, cost of not only rose, makes glasses manufacturers are worse, this situation itself on has impossible pulled one back to past, actually, fundamental reasons is because big of environment has occurred of new of changes, this changes is in history River in the unprecedented of, this is why, now, Glasses will be difficult because of industry as a whole.

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