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3D Low Usage ESPN Decided To Close Its 3D Channel

Shenzhen HONY Optical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 04, 2015

Since avatar, 3D has become a major TV works trademark service of the TV, but 3D functions usage remained low. Recently, the United States sports television network ESPN announced that because the 3D coverage cannot meet expectations, they decided to shut down its 3D TV channels this year. However, ESPN says 3D does not completely negated, if the actual future is ripe, they still consider 3D channel back online.


ESPN Sports channel

It is understood that ESPN launched an experimental 3D channel in June 2010 and broadcast 2010 FIFA matches. By early 2011, formal launch ESPN 3D channel.

ESPN is willing to walk in the forefront of the times, it will look at the 4K on the content playback. It is reported that ESPN will joint Sony 4K level of the World Cup in 2014. ESPN may feel on live sports, 4K ultra HD-quality content will be more attractive than 3D.

According to the market research firm, IHS Screen Digest the most recent data, in 2012, the United States only 2% TV shows-d program. In addition, the optometrist said one out of every four in the audience watching 3D movies and television may encounter problems, or eye fatigue due to this technology, either because of their depth perception problems.

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