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Why Cinemas Have Different 3D Glasses

Source: | Updated: Mar 22, 2018

Cinema Chains Have Different 3D Glasses, Is There Any Different For Them?

In recent years, more and more films have begun to force 3D versions. As consumers are naturally willing to see more popularization of new technologies, cinemas often do not give us to choose.

Many films even do not have 2D versions. When cinemas are no longer providing free 3D glasses, we need to bring our own or buy new 3D glasses on the spot, which virtually increases the cost of watching movies. And after a while, I discovered that some of the original 3D glasses in cinemas are not universal. Why is this?

3d passive glasses.jpg

In the final analysis, the 3D technology is mainly different, which leads to different 3D projection equipment and matching 3D glasses. Most current domestic 3D movies are implemented using polarized 3D technology, but they are also polarized 3D. Different homes have different polarization modes. They are mainly divided into circular polarization and linear polarization. RealD 3D, Dolby-3D, IMAX 3D, China's Big Screen, and more.
The 3D glasses using the circular polarization technology use left-handed polarized light and right-handed polarized light to achieve a 3D stereoscopic effect. Since the interference between the polarized lights of the two rotating directions is very small, 3D is not caused by the viewing angle. The effect diminished or disappeared. In addition, the cost of spectacles with circular polarized 3D technology is very low, which is currently a widely used polarization 3D technology in China.

passive 3d videos for 3d glasses.jpg

passive 3d glasses vs active.jpg

The linear polarization 3D technology achieves 3D stereoscopic effects by using different polarization angles to allow the screen images to enter the left and right eyes respectively. The linear polarization technology of 3D glasses, you need to determine what content on the screen into the left eye, which content into the right eye, this will be a problem: some cinemas choose to give this part of the left eye, the other part of the content to The right eye, and some theaters are just the opposite, at this time in addition to re-purchasing new glasses, you can also try to wear linear polarized 3D glasses in reverse.

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The characteristic of the linear polarization 3D technology is that if you do not look directly at the screen, or if the viewing angle is misaligned, you will find ghosting on the screen, but the advantage is equally obvious. The 3D effect is very good. In addition to ordinary 3D movies, IMAX 3D also uses linear polarization 3D technology.
IMAX 3D is mentioned here again, although from the viewer's point of view, it seems that the screen is a bit bigger than the ordinary 3D studio, but actually there are so many differences in technology, which is why Generally we go to see IMAX 3D movies, and cinemas will basically provide IMAX 3D glasses.

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