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View 3D movie notes

Source: | Updated: Aug 04, 2015

Need to note is that when watching a 3D movie, eye with images repeatedly adjusting the focus, just a little too long can cause eye swelling and other symptoms. Many people over a period of time will eliminate discomfort, flickering screen may also cause damage to vision. In a dimly lit Theater environment for a long time, enjoying a strong sound and light effects, stimulation, which may cause eye fatigue. Therefore recommended when watching 3D movies, to properly relax, eyes massage down to protect my eyes.

Above is El Meg eye hospital in Chongqing (Nanping aier ophthalmology) experts "near-sighted people see 3D problem solving methods" do related presentations, experience the above is only for reference, if you need to solve specific problems (particularly in areas such as law, medicine), it is recommended that you consult the relevant professionals or professional eye doctors. Worry about how myopic reminded, to develop good habits with an eye to, protect your eyes, from my start.

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