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Myopia this how to see 3D movies

Source: | Updated: Aug 04, 2015

1, try to sit in the front row of the cinema, this approach is good for people with low myopia for eye, because myopia is not high, sitting in the front row you can wearing 3D glasses to watch, (but for the eye is useless for people with higher degrees, because 3D glasses are no degrees. )

2, two glasses (first level of myopia, second-tier 3D stereo glasses) so far most of the nearsighted person would look at the 3D movie, last-ditch move. Uncomfortable Yes, feels pretty heavy on his nose, eyes my eye glasses box a lot. But with the movie plot, slowly get used to. (This is how Ah ~ ~ b)

3, wear contact lenses, it sure better than the second, several of my friends look at it this way, the effect is very good, a lot of people, especially women, nearsighted friend likes to wear contact lenses without wearing glasses, and do not affect the 3D movies, very good.

4, wearing a specially designed 3D glasses, this is a special 3D glasses for nearsighted person uses, namely a pair of spectacles, a mirror is myopic, outside, a mirror-3D stereo lens, the glasses must be customized, of course, as much a mirror will be a little heavier than ordinary glasses. However, this does not affect your 3D movies. (Higher costs, and glasses need to vary)

5, vision correction surgery, 1000-degree myopia laser surgery is used, and above 1000 degrees is the ICL implantation surgery to correct his vision. After the vision correction, eye will be the same people, of course, in vision correction surgery is required after a period of time, according to their personal circumstances, usually a month or so can wearing 3D glasses to watch 3D movies.

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