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Industry standard for 3D it is imperative to establish

Source: | Updated: Aug 04, 2015

3D domestic brands much weight in the market? Influence of foot? Let the international brands: RealD products in China for the leasing business model earlier, taking the box office revenue, has deep effects on the 3D market. During 2010, active glasses are expensive, these glasses glasses resulting from battery scrap, expensive and wearing heavy. United States market basically consists of RealD, Xpand, Dolby 3 monopoly 3D industry as a whole. Now in the market can not only see RealD, Dolby and Xpand such brands, will also see a wide range of domestic brands, people not content with single-channel 3D system, but emerges more solutions. 3D industry in China is unique and innovative, in the era of rapid development of 3D, clients started to less trusted than local brands, breath is quietly spreading the 3D reform. 3D rise of brands in the country. Now the domestic level and RealD such gap is narrowing between brands, even beyond the possible, businesses dedicated to the 3D light effects, brightness and other performance improvement, these technology advances enough to witness 3D revolutionary development

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