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Children under 3 years old instead of watching 3D movies

Source: | Updated: Aug 04, 2015

3D movies more widely used of is polarizing glasses method, in film of making process in the is using special of double lens (more lens) camera for film of shooting, each lens respectively records has we eye of left eye and right eye of image, then in play movie Shi also using special of double projector, while will around image projection in screen Shang, such we see of image is a group two site image stack in with of stack shadow image. Wear 3D glasses to watch the movie two separate imaging of the eye, through the eyes of its regulation capability (the muscles around the eyes, inside the eye lens and the ciliary muscle structure) made two like in the retina and then through the regulation of brain systems will be able to see a stereoscopic effect. In the course of a series of eyes in a very hectic in the regulation of the status of, a long time after the eyes appear tired, swelling and dryness and other symptoms. These uncomfortable symptoms also occur in adults, serious symptoms such as increased intraocular pressure, Glaucoma can occur.

So we recommend that you do not often go to the cinema to watch 3D movies, look away from the screen not too near, 15 to 20 metres away from the screen, that is, after you select the three or four rows of seats. In addition, not a very long time, generally when the movies are about 2 hours long, about half an hour, the plot is not very intense wonderful when we can close one eye glasses, eye or eyes turned and blinked a few times, proper alleviating eye fatigue. Movie time blink frequency must be less, resulting in tears evaporates too strong increase eye fatigue symptoms of dry eye.

Before the age of 6 children, vision is not yet mature. Especially children below the age of 3 stereo vision are not fully developed, not recommended for watching 3D movies. Children under 6 years old have some astigmatism and farsightedness and does not recommend watching a 3D movie. Visual function development in over 8 years will be able to watch 3D movies were better, but also to grasp the time should not be too long.

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