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3D glasses concept stocks leading the trend of science and technology

Source: | Updated: Aug 04, 2015

Hot spots in recent film. For domestic films has released this year, billion at the box office is nothing new. The West demons article, and the Beijing was caught in Seattle, and we eventually lost youth, films such as the Chinese partner was directly hit a high of more than 500 million Yuan at the box office, in which the West demons article is even based on 1.24 billion yuan of box office to become the gold King of domestic films in the first half. And as far as these films grossed, it had reached nearly 3 billion yuan, equivalent to mainland movies grossing almost 1/3 the first half of this year.

Summer hit summer movie the wave is a wave after wave. Seize the summer consumption period of one year, many cinemas have introduced new, European and American movies, 3D movies, the purpose of which is to attract more people into the cinema. Compared to 2D movies, 3D movies have an unparalleled Visual impact, and a 3D movie ticket prices closer to General admission, so by an increasing number of young men in hot pursuit.

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